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Every ELIZ watch is a top quality product manufactured with precision. The best efforts have been made to ensure satisfaction through fine craftsmanship and timely service. We provide a Limited Warranty from manufacturing defects for a period of TWO years* from the date of purchase. In case your watch malfunctions within this period, it can be repaired free of cost through any authorized ELIZ service center.

* ELIZ Lumiere collection watches have a warranty period against manufacturing & plating defects for only 6 months.

This Limited Warranty will not apply if -

•  The trouble is caused by improper or careless treatment of the watch.

•  The defect has occurred by natural disasters.

•  The trouble is caused by unauthorized repair or adjustment by a third party.

•  The case, band, glass or battery has been damaged or worn out.

•  The finish and plating, including gold plating, is worn out.

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