Customer satisfaction in our product and service is our main priority.

Your Eliz watch has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase covering any manufacturing defects. Eliz Lumière collection watches are only covered for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

The following terms and conditions apply in case your watch requires repair:


Warranty covers any defect in movement or materials such as plating, dial, hands, pushers, and band buckle brought about at the time of manufacture or by normal use. Damage to the movement, dial, and hands caused due to water resistance (indicated on the back of your watch) is also covered under this warranty.

It is solely at the discretion of Eliz's authorized service centers to determine whether the complaint is caused due to inappropriate use or not. In case the watch is under warranty, the problem will be repaired by an authorized center closest to you free of charge.

If the problem you're facing is not covered under our warranty, we will advise you the nominal repair charges depending on the problem.

Warranty does not cover:
  • Case, band, crystal (glass) or battery
  • Damages caused due to careless handling, accidents, related factors, or any natural disasters.
  • Plating worn out due to careless use of watch
  • Watch purchased from anyone other than an authorized Eliz retailer
  • Attempted repair of the watch by an unprofessional or service center other than an authorized Eliz service center
We recommend you:
To always save the warranty booklet and original bill you receive with your watch at the time of purchase. In case the retailer does not provide you with the warranty, it is your right to ask for it. In case your watch requires to be repaired, you will be required to provide this.
Not to use your watch roughly. Follow the guidelines provided in your warranty booklet to take best care of it and maintain its durability. Damage caused to the watch due to inappropriate use automatically voids the warranty.
Not to wear your watch while swimming/ diving if it is using a leather band or shows Water Resistance less than 10ATM or 100 METERS.
For any support regarding warranty/ repairs, email us at
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